Essential oil - The Blenders Kit of essential oil - 14 carefully selected essential oils

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"Where there are oils, there is goodness & where there is goodness, there is Magic"

This set of 14 high quality essential oils have been carefully selected allowing for  blending or just to use individually.  This set will give you endless choices to explore amazing fragrances. This set will make a beautiful gift to pair with any aroma oil Diffuser.

Our set consists of:

Peppermint:  Fresh, minty scent - Clarity & Treating fevers to vertigo

Tea Tree:  Medicinal, powerful high odor- Good for respiratory, burns, blister, colds & flu

Sweet Orange: Sweet tangy fruity scent - Soothing, comforting

Lemon :Light & fresh scent -  mental stimulant, reviving & Purifying

Bergamot: Fresh sweet slightly spicy scent - Calming, soothing and regulating

Jasmine : Rich exotic long lasting scent - Uplifting 

Rose: Floral, Comforting

Grapefruit: Lemony bitter fresh scent - Cleansing and stimulating

Frankincense: Balsamic & woody scent - Clearing, uplifting and revitalizing

Cinnamon: Sweet & Spicy with a slight peppery and woody scent - Uplifting, restorative,  aphrodisiac

Lemongrass:  Clean & Fresh scent - stimulating & Soothing

Rosemary:  Fresh woody balsamic scent - Reviving, purifying

Lavender: Light & Floral scent - Soothing ,antidepressant, calming

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