Premium Soy Candles -Inspired by the 7 Chakras

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Lighting Candles with beautiful scents simple make your environment more pleasant, as well as adding some ambience. These beautiful hand poured soy candles are all inspired by the 7 Chakra's. Each Candle has been carefully blended to help ensure the perfect blend of crystals and oils bringing out the essence of each chakra. They are Eco friendly with sustainable soy wax and cotton wicks.

We currently have 4 Chakra inspired candles:

Energized & Inspired: - This is a gorgeous aromatic uplifting candle, increasing awareness and intuition Blended with bird of paradise, orange, green tea, geranium,rose, raspberry, mango with a hint of musk, vanilla bean and peach.

Expressive & Calming: - This soothing candle with its relaxing scent will calm you. Lets face it... who doesn't need  a bit of de stressing  in these times.  The blend also opens up the channels for communication. Blended with Orange leaves, rosemary, tea, clove,basil mint with a hint of Cypress

Balanced & Loved:- This well balanced candle brings inner peace. Blended with grapefruit, tangerine, rosemary, mint, bell pepper, jasmine with a hint of vetiver, patchouli, oak and moss.

Radiant & Powerful:- This candle blend inspires self esteem and prosperity. Blended with bergamot, lemon, cedar, juniper with a hint vetiver & sandalwood.

These are beautifully presented in wooden box.

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