Balance Ball Chair with Cover & Pump- Charcoal Grey- 65CM

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Stability Balance Ball Chair.... It not just a ball, its not just a chair, its a lifestyle changer!!!

  • The Balance Ball is a robust, with a non-slip balance cover designed to blend stylishly into your office or home study. You can use it at intervals to activate the abdominal, side and back muscles while carrying out various exercises. Our bodies are well equipped to move around regularly, so staying in one position for too long on your office chair may lead to health problems like musculoskeletal pain, weight and circulatory issues. The balance ball is a great way to enjoy an active break away from your chair.

    You could try sitting on the balance ball for short periods to carry out quick tasks, like a brief conference call, or during a meeting - but we don't suggest you use it for long periods. The handle makes it easy to pick up to move around, making it ideal for your home office, work office, or any other room in your house.

  • There are many health benefits that a balance ball chair can offer:

    • Better posture.
    • Reduced back pain.
    • Improved circulation.
    • Better balance.
    • Strengthened core muscles.
    • Easier movement.
    • 65cm ball

  • The Balance Ball Chair could be a great solution for use at the office, home in the living room, classroom, or the gym for short periods of time.

    It is fantastic for Posture & Health - Unlike with an office chair, it’s difficult to use a balance ball chair if you’re not sitting straight. Because the most comfortable position is at the center of the ball, this discourages slouching. It helps activate back and core support muscles which promotes good posture and can potentially relieve back pain for adults and children. With better posture comes less back pain. Sitting straight will put less pressure on your spine, especially in the lower back area that is so often problematic for people.

    This Balance ball chair has soft, pliable material which is typically easier on joints and muscles — especially in areas where traditional chairs may limit blood flow, such as the underside of the legs.

    It is Perfect for yoga, back stretching, posture workouts, also using important muscles that will help improve your balance. Every one wants a flatter tummy and this ball will certainly help to achieve that. It also promotes flexible joints for healthy lifestyle. Relieves lower back pressure and improves focus. This ball chair can easily be used in your daily fitness routines and functions perfectly as an exercise ball for use during balance training, yoga, or Pilates!

    Using the balance ball chair for short periods, gives a break to sitting in a traditional office chair  for long periods which takes a toll on our joints and leaves us with sore muscles. 

    Why not experience the freedom to wiggle, bounce, and pivot while you sit. 

    Balance ball chairs give you a greater range of motion and they often require that you adjust your position from time to time, which aids to a healthier lifestyle.

    NOTE: Some effort needed for set-up - use included accessories (hand pump or bike/air pump adapter) to inflate inner sitting ball (65cm or 75cm) until outer cover is completely filled - Spare plugs included.

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    Zsuzsanna K.

    I love it because it's comfortable and nice design

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