Aromatherapy Crystal Soy Candle - Expressive & Calm

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Lighting Candles with beautiful scents don't just simply make your environment more pleasant, but also add some ambience to the space.

These beautiful hand poured soy candles are all inspired by the 7 Chakra's.

Each Candle has been carefully crafted to ensure the essential blend used compliments the crystals used to bring out the essence of each of the intended chakra's.

Expressive & Calming: -  Lets face it... who doesn't need  a bit of de stressing  in these times.  This soothing candle with its relaxing scent will calm you. The blend also opens up the channels for communication.

These candles are blended with:

Top Notes: orange, rosemary, black tea

Middle Notes: clove, basil & mint

Back Notes: cypress

Crystals used:

SODALITE - communication, self- expression & Truth

AMAZONITE - confidence, Self-love & creative expression

CLEAR QUARTZ - Awareness, Amplifying energy & Clarity

These are beautifully presented in wooden box.

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