T P E Yoga mats - Soft Cushioning support

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Color: Blue/light blue

Our mats do not contain Latex , PVC or any harsh toxins and chemicals, they are made from a synthetic thermal plastic elastomer ( T P E)

Our mats are designed to decompose in landfill, making them Eco - friendly  helping in protecting the Natural Elements around us.

T P E mats are unlike Rubber, Suede or Hemp that have excellent grip for both Normal Yoga and & Hot yoga

  • T P E mats prevents fluid absorption, therefore making it easy to clean.
  • T P E mats are ideal for light yoga and Pilates, as they have great cushioning ideal for beginners.
  • T P E mats are well cushioned and offer great support.
  • T P E mats can be slippery when wet.

With Hot yoga the tendency to sweat or perspire is greater. Causing the mats to become slippery, so it would be best to use a yoga towel for Hot Yoga.

  • 61cm Wide x 173cm Long

  • Double Sided - texture varies on both sides

  • Soft cushioning support

  • Perfect for both Yoga & fitness exercises

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