Yoga Printed Polyester straps

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No matter what your skill level , our yoga straps will enable you to make difficult postures more accessible. Our straps provide a secure grip to assist in posture extension and are durable for daily use. They can be used to support correct alignment, side stretches, for holding toes, feet and legs. They are great to use for balancing and reclining positions and those postures where you need just a little more reach. 

They are also the ideal strap for carrying your yoga bag.

  • Yoga straps are a basic of the yoga props , suitable for both beginners and yoga professionals. Used for used for a variety of poses.
  • STRETCH OUT SAFELY AND EFFECTIVELY: The long stretch strap facilitates safe and effective full body stretching. Which is not only perfect for yoga, but also for Pilates, ballet, and physical therapy. The warming up with a stretch strap helps to prevent injuries and enhances muscle recover
  • Eco friendly material: They are made from Soft and sturdy polyester cotton material, which is soft on the skin, protect hands from injuring. They are also extremely durable and will not break.
  • Variable sizing: Two metal D-ring buckles can be adjusted and snugly secured for various poses and alignments.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO USE-This yoga strap is soft, non-slippery and easy to carry. The buckle has a sturdy and adjustable metal D ring, which is of great help in maintaining posture for a long time.  The yoga strap can also reduce the risk of muscle strain and other injuries, while improving physical flexibility.
    Available in 5 different designs:
    • Paisley
    • Geometric
    • Tye dye,
    • Floral
    • Dream

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